Adult chat imotions

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Frequently Asked Questions: a document, usually stored online at a website, that answers frequently asked questions about a particular subject.There are FAQs on animal care, as well as FAQs for newsgroups, email lists, etc.When you join an email list, the Welcome letter you get is a sort of FAQ. Now, people who don't hae AOL accounts can download (free) AOL Instant Messenger and communicate instantly with anyone who has AIM and your friends on AOL.Internet Service Provider: a company the provides, generally for a monthly fee, email accounts and access to the World Wide Web and newsgroups.

The busier or more crowded with code the systems are, the slower the transmission speed.Compared with other participants, those who spoke on the phone more frequently with their participating friend reported greater bonding during audio chat.Use of textual affiliation cues like emoticons, typed laughter, and excessive letter capitalization during IM related to increased bonding experience during IM.While the medium is great, the message is sometimes missed.Jokes are taken seriously, sarcasm read where none was meant, etc.

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