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"We work together closely; he's my love interest in the film.I understand why people would go crazy over something like that, but Zac and I are very good friends," the actress added.I’m so nervous.” “So Logan, you start here,” she exclaimed as she flipped her script open and pointed to a line. He thought she was fairly good but Alex had done a better job. I think we’ve found our Percy Jackson.” Logan thanked him and prepared to run through the lines again.He flipped his script open to the same page and blushed slightly as their fingers touched when she pointed to the sentence again. He read his line putting careful emotion into his words. In a way he was thankful he didn’t have to audition with the bright eyed brunette first. LAs he concluded his last line Logan looked up at the director. “Sarah you can leave, send in…” he scanned his list of actors,” Alexandra. He wanted to make the performance as good as possible so he could see Alex again.He must needs some more wisdom that come with growing age.

Moving towards current relationship status then right now Logan Lerman is not engaged or married. Alex took a second to get into character as Annabeth and then delved into the script. He turned his head over his shoulder and smiled at her. The pair lost track of reality by the time they’d finished the scene. The news of their relationship limelight in the media when Alexandra posted few tweets that relates to him. But in 2017 its not sure that she is Logan Lerman girlfriend, currently he is completely focusing on his professional career.The news that this year he is going to engaged or married are also just rumors.

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