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When faced with divisive issues of our own, how will we respond?What can we learn from the example of the Early Church?When Jacob learned that his son Joseph still lived, it was as if his boy had been resurrected from the dead.It is fitting then that we look to this story as we celebrate the resurrection of the One who died that we might live.As Christians, we've never called this world our home. But how do we reach a culture that is so wholly secular, so different from what we have been called to?

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Part 5 of this sermon series focuses on the question: "Who is my neighbor?

In 1832, a man named Joseph Bates decided in the sight of God that he must take a stand for those who were oppressed.

The world has changed much since then, but one thing remains: The oppressed are still with us.

Join the pastors of the Pioneer Memorial Church as they embark on their summer series "Road Trip." This week Pastor Sabine asks the question so many of us face in not only our spiritual walk, but our entire life journey: "Are we there yet?

" When the Apostle Paul saw Peter refuse to sit with the uncircumcised Gentiles, he set in motion one of the great theological debates of his time.

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