Dating someone who used to be promiscuous

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What interested me more were the various relationship topics that got posed and debated to death.One of the most frequent of these was the question of While nearly all of the female commenters seemed to argue quite vehemently that they didn’t matter one bit, the male commenters were divided right down the middle in their positions: half that they did, half that they didn’t.For you older ladies, please correct me if I'm wrong. So why let past interferes with present and future? So don't discount someone because they may have more experience in the bedroom, balcony, may just find yourself with a pefect opportunity to get taught a thing to two! One of the more interesting features of LNS then was an anonymous message board where people could ask all sorts of dicey questions and give all manner of unbiased, unfiltered replies, since their answers were in no way tied to their profiles or real world identities.

Sex with a younger person has never been as good as sex with an older person.Among the half arguing that they didn’t, there was a further divide: the men who didn’t care about women’s pasts because they had no intention of ever ending up in any form of committed ...and the men who didn’t care because they legitimately thought a woman’s past had no bearing on her future.People like to justify things and among those things is the self-righteous indignation often expressed when saying "Well NOTHING is wrong with a woman being horny, MEN do it all the time!" That's presuming the reason people are promiscuous has only to do with libido and desire for sex rather than being an outward manifestation of some potential personality gaps such as self-esteem and feelings of social acceptance.

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