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That’s because three months is about how long it takes to make a fresh batch of sperm from start to finish.Of course, sperm count matters more to men trying to conceive.Most links I have found tend to deal with the testicles becoming twisted, which is definitely not the case. I'm just a girl LOL but I dated a guy who had a hernia, and he had pain down there. Not sure if I'm fortunate or not lol, but I am the girl the guys like to talk to, so I hear about all these stories and these two things come to mind. The pain when sick is the most telling symptom, as when this first happened it would be a 100% accurate indication that I was getting sick.I will probably seek medical advice once insurance kicks back in, but in the meantime the problem has become more frequent and I'd like at least some inclination of what the issue could be. Now that I use opiates on-and-off, I'm sure that I'm probably sick to some slight degree on these occasions that I get the pain but do not develop an actual sickness...This is damn near impossible since, as I mentioned, they are large... I know that when I don't wear boxers and I'm wearing very tight denim that my balls feel weird but I'm not in pain or anything. If that was sarcasm, maybe in the future don't be sarcastic to people over their health concerns?! I will get out of the jeans as quick as I can if this starts happening! I do wear them boxers, but I'm not understanding what the problem they could be causing is, though? I know the best advice is that I have to see a doctor soon, but I was really hoping that a few guys would chime in and be like, yeah, I've got abnormally large testicles too, and boy do they hurt sometimes! If you read thi could you explain what you mentioned a bit more?I have looked around the internet for similar stories, but strangely enough, this doesn't really seem to be discussed much (or I'm just not using the right terms)... I know it's a sensitive subject, but I'm just thinking back to men I've known who had similar pain. Wearing something for support would definitely hurt while I was going through this... )could be anything,my balls get VERY uncomfy feeling when i get sick,dope sick or "cold sick" they also ache if i have to stand or walk for a long period of time,i have been to the doc 3 times ,cause i feel like ima puke when i have to pick up large heavy objects,they would get swollen and tight ,and still do somtimes but they had no clue,blood urine ,ultrasound and nothing some people have testicle pain for no apparent reason ,so i read in a medical journal oh and my balls arent huge :) i really dislike girls sucking on them playing with them ..makes me tell them to be gentile Thank you HYDRO, you are describing what I am going through almost certainly.His was professionally diagnosed so I'm NOT just guessing that's what afflicted him.epididamytis is actually rather painful,and not like a dull ache like he is describing and if he was to touch the "epi" prolly drop him to his knees if he had it just hit up the ER ...will do a ultrasound....^Yes, sometimes along with epididamitis there can be a hydrocele ( which can need surgery at times.All this ball stuff is treatable as far as I know except when it is just do to large sensitive cojones.

The Ball Lifter® lifts without any fancy contraptions or discomfort. Tickets: £12/£10 concessions booking fee Click Here to book online. In this ultimate fighting tournament between dancer and ball, who will triumph?Will it be one ball too many, can they overcome life’s obstacles without throwing in the towel?Thanks again everyone, I have a little humility about this now I guess, which is good.I'm not pleased with the situation by any means, but hey, it's looking like something that I will likely be dealing with for quite some time from most of the similar experiences... I had a (testicularly) well-endowed friend who suffered from it and his descriptions sounds near identical to yours.

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