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"Offer" is a marketing term to describe a set of specifications and conditions including but not limited to the promoting site, targeting areas, payout, traffic requirement and restrictions.

Qpid Affiliate provides CPL or CPS offers to affiliates based on the type of account. Valid leads generated from DOI offers require registrants to verify that the email addresses they use for registration are their own.

Regardless of the actual order size, the more paid members you bring, the more higher payout you could get.

The number of your paid members in a month: Payout per paid member The 1st-9th paid members: 0 The 10th-49th paid members: 5 The 50th and its following paid members: 0 Pay Per Lead: Your commission depends on the amount of valid members (as the leads to be paid) you acquire.

You can even take 100% of the 50th and its following first orders!

The number of your first orders in a month: percentage of the orders as your commissions The 1st-9th first orders: 60% The 10th-49th first orders: 80% The 50th and the following first orders: 100% Pay Per Action: The Pay Per Action program issues your commission based on the number of referred paid members.

And if you use our "Co-Brand" program, in return for promoting our site, we will provide free website building tools to help you create your own website, and provide free hosting.The Two-Tier Program allows you to refer other webmasters to our affiliate program.Please select Pay Per Sale Program when joining us and get your own referral link.Click an offer name and choose the type of promotional materials you like to use by switching between "Links & Codes" options.Go to "Banners" under the offer you wish to promote, then click on "Get Code" beside the banner you wish to add to your website and copy the code to your website.

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