Ethiopian guys dating black women

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It didn’t take me long to realize that my gender, combined with my blond hair and fair skin, was enough to draw more than just a little bit of attention from Ethiopian men.Once, while walking through the streets, a boy sitting outside his house sang a line from a popular Rihanna song, “Oh na na, what’s your name? Those were probably some of the few English words he knew.It became clear to me when our first stop was to a very fancy restaurant (where he had made a reservation for two) that the evening was not going to go according to plan.I brought up, multiple times, the plans to meet up with his friends but he failed to ever give me a clear response.I should mention that my friends come from a tribe native to South Sudan called the Lou Nuer who are known for two things: their daunting height and ability as warriors.

It’s unfortunate it has to be this way, but true all the same.As I am both adventurous and love dancing, I couldn’t turn down the offer.The next night I got all dressed up and ready for a night of fun.Then we would meet up and travel around the country for the last two weeks of our stay.When we landed in Addis, my host brother and his friend greeted me with flowers, and about six relatives came to pick up my two friends.

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