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Included in its software package is Video Blaster Web Cam Monitor, an application that detects motion around the PC and takes a snapshot, then automatically uploads it to your Web site so you can see what's going on from afar.On the higher end is Intel's new PC Camera Pro Pack (9).For under 0 there are several products with lots of software options.For example, Ezonics Corporation sells the EZCam () that comes with a nice variety of the typical software included with most Web Cams.It has an RCA input, so you can transfer the video from an analog camcorder into the Web Cam and then onto your computer without a separate video capture card.

If this is unfamiliar territory, you can check out some sites on the Web that tour the Live Web Cams ring (and avoid the X-rated sites that come up if you use standard search engines).

In fact, almost all futuristic science fiction has crystal clear video conferencing at little more than the touch of a button.

" That's all it takes for Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation to get full-motion, full-screen visual communication with anyone in the universe.

Web Cams that hook up to the computer via a USB or parallel port need only software and do not require a capture card.

Alternately, some Web Cams (such as the Winnov's Videum Conference Pro and Best Data's The Smart One) come complete with video capture cards.

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