Magnet speed dating dating a nonchristian

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Adam starts off by getting us to walk around the room catching the eye of different people. It was ridiculous in the extreme, but when everyone else is willing to throw themselves into it and look stupid, you quickly realise that the only person who’s going to look actually ridiculous is the miserable cow in the corner, refusing to join in.After we’d done that for a few minutes, we had to jump in the air upon catching someone’s eye. Next, we play a few different, equally as excruciating games, designed to get us bonding with each other.So the minute Adam mentions warm-up activities, she looked at me murderously.Fortunately we aren’t allowed to talk, so I get off lightly, all things considered.“I read how eye contact is decreasing and how people are losing the skills that help them to form bonds,” he explains to me.“I wanted to put on a night that would be playful, fun and encourage eye contact.You then get an email a couple of days later with the names and email address of your matches on – then it’s over to you.

So, because comfort zones are for wimps and sensible people, I decided to go to Shhh Dating – a speed dating event where participants are invited to remain entirely silent for the duration of the two hour event (you have a break in the middle, where you’re allowed to talk if you really have to, but it’s sort of frowned upon).

), I started challenging my partners to an arm wrestle – which admittedly went down better with some than others.

I got up and danced with a couple of my partners, and played noughts and crosses with a few more – anything was better than another minute-and-a-half of staring.

And just as I’m starting to feel like I’m on a middle management training course in Luton, we stop for a break before the dating element of the evening kicks off.

The second half is mercifully straightforward, in that each of the women sits down at an individual table, while the men work their way round the room in order, spending 90 seconds with each of us.

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