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We will vigorously address the grievances that have been time and again expressed not only by the Bangsamoro, indigenous peoples and other groups for security, development, fair access to decision-making and acceptance of identities.

I wish to assure everyone though that vindictiveness is not in my system. Gina Lopez and I are just telling you: Follow government standards.

We will continue to expand cooperation on humanitarian assistance and disaster response, maritime security and counter-terrorism. Ito na yung warning ko, yon na ang last, wala nang iba, hindi ko na gagawin: Huwag ninyong sirain yung mga bagay-bagay na ginagawa namin para sa kapakanan ng tao. Mamaya yung kayo — kaibigan ko — tangad, tangad, tangad.

We shall deepen security dialogues with other nations to build greater understanding and cooperation. Processing time in issuing permits and licenses shall be reduced to the barest minimum, in my city, it is always three days for local governments.

I heard the people on the streets complain that justice had become illusory; that equity and fairness and speedy disposition of cases had deteriorated into hollow concepts fit only for masteral dissertations. As a former prosecutor, I know that there are always ways of knowing how fast or how slow cases go. Alam mo yung general aviation niyo — mga Learjets, mga ‘yung mga sa mga ano kumpanya, ilagay ko kayo sa Batanes para wala masyadong air traffic. Moreover, a one-stop shop will be established within the civil aviation complex for the benefit of the Overseas Filipinos. Itaas mo na kay na i-Tagalog ko na.] In the area of environment, the military is directed to intensify its support [Makinig kayo, sigig tawa diyan] its support role against illegal logging, illegal mining, nandyan pa naman si Gina Lopez, and other destructive practices that aggravate the devastation of our natural resources. Many are complaining against the appointment of Gina Lopez. The PCO, in coordination with the Office of the Executive Secretary, is drafting the Administrative Order on the Task Force on media killings. To address backlogs and low prosecutorial effectiveness and efficiency, the investigation and case management processes shall be streamlined including those for illegal drugs and heinous crimes. I know that you know — on 1521, Magellan landed in Leyte. [Salamat, mare ha.] Mindanao was already Islam by 100 years. There’s a historical injustice committed against the Moro people. Both Misuari, Sema and all, at least the politiko leaders ng Mindanao will agree to it. Hindi ko dinidikdik yung masyadong Abu Sayyaf because it is really connected with the first talks between Misuari, the President, subsequently President Marcos and now, until now, until now. Iyong BBL, ibigay na natin, minus the things that you do not want.

What I did was to look into the number of postponements and the time difference between each postponement and the next setting. I will appreciate deeply if all in government attend to this urgent need. Ito mangyari na ’to: To utilize the Clark Airport, it is necessary to establish… But si Gina pati ako, we share the same paradigm: The interest of the country must come first. This government does not condone violence and repression of media. Bona fide media…Sometimes they pronounce it “bonafid”. To eradicate the prevalent cultures of fear and silence that have hounded our justice system, I asked Congress — you — to enact the Whistleblower Protection Law while the present Witness Protection Program shall be strengthened. Maski dito lang.] The number of lawyers and support staff in the PAO — that is the Public Assistance Office — regional and districts shall be increased to provide indigents with more access to counsels.

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