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Some manufacturers may try to make upgrading their prebuilt desktop PCs more difficult, but even those PCs aren’t as difficult to upgrade as the average laptop. You don’t build your own laptop — instead, you buy a prebuilt laptop from a manufacturer.They build a custom chassis (case) for the laptop and choose components that will fit that case.Some laptop and portable computer manufacturers allow their customers to upgrade their processor speeds.However, the amount of money spent on a faster processor usually results in a small increase in performance and may not be worth the upgrade.If you have questions about your laptop's memory specifications or how to upgrade the memory, you should contact the manufacturer of your laptop.

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We are unfamiliar with any laptop or portable computer manufacturer that offers an upgrade for the LCD or screen that comes pre-shipped with the computer. However, you can always connect the laptop to an external monitor, projector, or other display of any size.

This answer varies on the manufacturer and model of the laptop or portable computer.

However, the majority of laptops and other portable computers only allow a user to easily upgrade the system memory, hard drive, and have options for a better battery.

Almost every laptop and portable computer allows a user to upgrade the memory (RAM) in the computer.

Often this is done by opening a compartment on the bottom of the laptop and adding an additional stick of memory or replacing the existing stick of memory.

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